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Boingboing: The photoblog Phalano.com is publishing many images each day from the ongoing demonstrations in Nepal. A post from Saturday describes a “sea of protestors” flooding Kathmandu, on the seventeenth day of a nationwide general strike.

Gridskipper: Cease what you’re doing immediately and check out Phalano, a photoblog documenting the pro-democracy protests in Kathmandu

New America Media: We are the rulers by Rajesh KC for phalano.com photoblog. Following the Monday night royal proclamation by King Gyanendra reinstating the House of

Nepali Site of the Month – Nepal Vista : Phalano.com a photo-blog site som.gifwith mind blowing photo galleries. Missing your country or visiting Nepal soon ? A must-see is the recent post `PHALANO takes off for Jomsom, Mustang’ which contains about 30 aerial photos of our beautiful Nepal

Pickled Politics : In a follow up to Sunny’s post, I thought I’d share some more photos of the Nepali protests. Phalano has some fantastic pictures taken day by day and interesting comments, do visit (many of you will have seen some of these as they come via BoingBoing.

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