Rato Machhindranath (Bhoto Jatra)

By Rajesh KC

Machhindranath, Buddhist deity of water and rain. Revered by medieval kings in Kathmandu Valley as guardian deity of Kathmandu Valley. Said to have been other names Padampani, Lokeswor, Avalokiteswor, Aryavalokotiswor, Karunamaya. Regarded as fish incarnation of LOKESWOR (hence also known as Matsyendranath) Distinguished as RATO MACHHENDRANATH (red) of patan and SETO MACHHENDRANATH (white) of Kathmandu. Feted in various festivals like BHOTO JATRA and public bathing ritual. more »

Kashmir Calling!

By Surendra Phuyal

As dusk falls upon the Dal Lake in the heart of the militancy-wracked summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, two young men sit shoulder-to-shoulder on the sidewall of the lakeshore. The two look different and speak a different language – Nepali. Bijaya Rai, 20, of Katari, Udaipur, and Laxman Dhakal, 22, of Puttar, Tanahun, never met each other in Nepal. more »