Destination Manang

by Rajesh KC 

Manang, situated within the Annapurna area, goes from 3,000 m to over 8,000 m. Monsoon clouds are effectively blocked by the mountains and it is up to the glaciers and melted mountain snows to feed the many lakes, brooks, and rivers, and keep alive the meadows, forests, and farmlands in the area. more »

Visit Nepal Year 007: Bring your SLR (guns) and SLR (cameras)

by NayanTara

On a hill top in Kavre last week, the People’s Liberation Army showcases excellent hospitality and their big guns. On display in the front rows are Heckler & Koch G36s captured from the army, AK-47s and an assortment of SLRs and INSAS rifles that the visiting media are encouraged to take pictures of. more »

A dazzling Darjeeling

by Surendra Phuyal

‘Welcome to Darjeeling – Queen of the Hills’! – A huge billboard reads as we enter the town sprawling the eastern Himalayan ridge. It offers just as stunning mountainscapes as elsewhere in the region: enveloping its tea plantations in mystic clouds and fogs during monsoon and winter, and glittering in the backdrop of the silver-shining Kanchanjungha, Makalu and other peaks in the fall. more »