Here comes…Dashain

dashain.gifBy Rajesh KC

After a few days of cloudy skies and frequent rain in Nepal, the snowy mountains appear golden on Wednesday evening (Oct 17, 2007). It was the first clear skies over Nepal in the post-monsoon season. These scenes, including pigeons and planes, were captured from Harisiddhi of Lalitpur covering range from more »

A rare visit to Rasuwa Gadhi

gosainkunda1.gifby Roshan Joshi

It was wonderful to touch the bullet ridden stones on the banks of Bhote koshi, and the Helvetas bridge to hand shake the other land. This is a short narrative of our trip to Rasuwa Gadhi. Our north face stands for our love to mother land. The high white hills generally guard; the open deeps are wired with walls. And rest is history pages. more »

Once upon a time in Chitwan

by Rajesh KC

chitwan.gifIn 1846 The Rana Prime Minister Jung Bahadur protected the wildlife of Chitwan Valley by maintaining a hunting reserve in the area exclusively for the use of the ruling classes and their guests. Hunting was normally conducted during winter. Certain methods were used for hunting such as the ring method, in which a big circle of elephants would entrap the hunted animal. The number of elephants required for this process was quite large. more »