Rishi Panchami

rishi_panchami.gifBy Rajesh KC

Rishi Panchami is celebrated by women, particularly in the hill region and the plains of Terai. Rishi Panchami falls a day after Teej. Though the way Teej is celebrated may differ according to different geographical regions, the festival holds a deep and moral significance among Hindu women. The festival is important because it is the time when Hindu women express how much devoted they are to their husbands. more »

Legendary lyricist Ratna Shumsher Thapa in ‘Paleti’ (music audio)


By Rajesh KC

Ratna Shumsher Thapa, the legendary lyricist of Nepal, began writing as a poet in 1951. His creations such as Aankhako Bhaka Ankhaile, Swargaki Rani, Kunjama Gunjiyo, Bho Bho Nasodha, Madhumas Yo Dilko and Ye Kanchha Thattaima, Bichodko Pida, Sero Fero Mero have contributed making Narayan Gopal‘s singing and music everlasting. Apart from these, his other lyrics such as Yo Kholako Sanglo Pani, Ankhaima Rata Gali, Jati Hansu Bhanchu, Goreto Yo Gaunko, Ghumtima Naau Hai, Fulai Fulko Mausam, and Malmali Ghumto have also contributed in building careers of various (now popular) musicians and singers across the nation. more »

Nuwakot Heritage

nuwakot_02.gifBy Rajesh KC

The historical palace area of Nuwakot located at 76 km far west-north of Kathmandu has been regarded as an important place since ancient time. Before 1744 AD, nepal was devided into numerous tiny States. In order to build a single strong nation, Kind Prithvi Narayan Shah of Gorkha led the unification campaign from this region. During that time, Nuwakot as a colony of Kantipur (Kathmandu) was regarded as the western main gate to enter the valley. This place was also popular as the main route for trade with Tibet.

more »

Rato Machhindranath (Bhoto Jatra)

By Rajesh KC

Machhindranath, Buddhist deity of water and rain. Revered by medieval kings in Kathmandu Valley as guardian deity of Kathmandu Valley. Said to have been other names Padampani, Lokeswor, Avalokiteswor, Aryavalokotiswor, Karunamaya. Regarded as fish incarnation of LOKESWOR (hence also known as Matsyendranath) Distinguished as RATO MACHHENDRANATH (red) of patan and SETO MACHHENDRANATH (white) of Kathmandu. Feted in various festivals like BHOTO JATRA and public bathing ritual. more »

Kashmir Calling!

By Surendra Phuyal

As dusk falls upon the Dal Lake in the heart of the militancy-wracked summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, two young men sit shoulder-to-shoulder on the sidewall of the lakeshore. The two look different and speak a different language – Nepali. Bijaya Rai, 20, of Katari, Udaipur, and Laxman Dhakal, 22, of Puttar, Tanahun, never met each other in Nepal. more »

Rara Lake; Pearl of Nepal

raraby Rajesh KC

Rara Lake lies in the remote Mugu district of Karnali region in the north-west of Nepal. Officially the Lake is centerpiece of Rara National Park. But I would also term it as a pearl of the country. Rara, covering 15 sq km area at the altitude of 2980m, is Nepal’s largest lake. It is a clear blue mountain lake with juniper, spruce and pine trees along its shores. About 3-4 hours hike from Gamgadhi (Mugu district headquarters) takes us through forests and over alpine meadows with herds of sheep and goats. more »

Dateline Qomolangma

everest_summit.gifby Rajesh KC

On May 22, 2003, Kantipur newsroom was desperately waiting for our colleague Ang Chhiring Sherpa’s message from the Qomolangma. He was at the South Col preparing for his final ascension to the top of the world. But there was no communication with him for over 24 hours. Last we had heard from him was that he had suspended the first attempt due to bad weather. He might have had to withdraw his expedition if the weather continued being unfavorable. more »

Phatteman at 70

By Rajesh KC phatteman.gifNepal’s revered veteran singer Phatteman’s new musical album simply named after his age ‘Gayak Phatteman at 70‘ (गायक फत्तेमान ७० मा) was released amidst a ceremony at nepa-laya’s ‘R’ sala. Phatteman on the occasion performed more than 15 songs from his old and new archives. more »


langtang.gifby Anuroop Manandhar

Moving up from Syabrubesi we had no plans where to stay at night. For many of us it was the first time. As we walked upstream of langtang river through the forests sometimes with steep stairs and falling trees a strange intoxication gripped me. Never had I imagined I would see such a place. more »

White-water down the Bhotekoshi

by Surendra Phuyal
Raging yet serene rivers gushing down the Himalayan slopes. Changing landscapes: every thing from deep yet mystic mountain gorges and canyons, to colorful and vibrant and lively ethnic settlements, terraced fields and vegetations, and head-on collisions/interactions with the topography and geology of the world’s highest (and deepest as in Kali Gandaki) region. more »

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