CA member Ramsheela sworn in

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Ramsheela-By Bikas Rauniar

The Constituent Assembly (CA) members were sworn in amid a ceremony on Tuesday (May 27, 2008) at the Birendra International Convention Center (BICC) in Kathmandu.

Ram Sheela Thakur, 30, CA member from Raghunathpur-8 of Mahottari also sworn in at BICC. Ramsheela – a barber by profession since childhood – said that she will continue her job as a barber though she ramains CA member until next general election. She represents Nepal Communist Party (UNITED).

She is affiliated with the party since one and half decade. She also teaches in Bhawanigunj primary school voluntarily. As she lost her father during her childhood, she chose barber profession to help her mother and an infant brother. Currently she is waiting for her SLC result.

Ramsheela at the BICC

CA members queued up for security check to before entering the BICC

Ramsheela with her CA member identity card and assembly kit bag

Checking-in through a security gate

Quiring about the way to main hall with a security officer

Searching her name in the list

Obtaining a swearing-in draft paper

Interracting with another CA member Sunil Babu Panta, President of Blue Diamond Society-Nepal’s only organization for sexual minorities. He also represents CPN-United.

With Health Minister Shashi Shrestha (right)


After swearing-in ceremony

A total of 568 CA members including NC President and Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, CPN-Maoist Chairman Prachanda, CPN-UML General Secretary Jhalanath Khanal, Speaker of the interim legislative-parliament Subash Chandra Nemwang and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum Chairman Upendra Yadav were also sworn in today.

Although, PM Koirala aged 84 is the eldest CA member, 73 year old Gurung administered the oath to the other members as Koirala still remains as the country’s Prime Minister.

All pics by Bikas Rauniar


  1. गोकुल थापा दोहा-कतार said,

    May 28, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    आशा गरौ अब त देशमा उल्लेखनीय परिवर्तन हुन्छ, शान्ति, सुरक्षया र विकासले अग्रगामी छलांग मार्छ ! माननीय नव नियुक्त सभासदज्यूहरू, हामी जनताले यो देशमा धेरै नाटक्हरू हेरियो, नेता नामका धेरै बहुरुप्पीहरू देखियो ! राजनीतिक पार्टी नामका धेरै कलकारखाना, उद्योग, ब्यापरिक संस्थाहरु भोगियो ! हामी तिनिहरुबाट सारै सारै सारै आजित छौ, यती सारै आजित छौ कि तिनिहरुलाई सम्झिदा मात्र पनि हामिलाई दिक्क र झर्को लागेर आउछ ! हामिलाई के आशा छ भने तपाईहरुको पनि त्यही रूप र करतूत देख्नु पर्ने छैन हामिले पुनः ! यो देश नेपाल हामी सबै नेपालीको हो, तैसैले ख़बरदार देशको हित बिपरीत कुनै काम होला, हामी नजिकबाट तपाईहरुको हरेक गतिविधि हेर्दैछौ ! तपाईहरूको मति र गति पनि उनिहरुकै (भूतपूर्व नेताहरुकै) जस्तो भयो भने हबिगत कस्तो हुन्छ ती नेताहरुको अवस्था हेरेर अनुमान लगाउनु भयेकै होला नि हैन ? नया नेपाल र सारा नेपालीको भाग्य र भविष्य बनाउनलाई तपाईहरु त्याहा हुनुहुन्छ, न कि आफू, आफ्नो परिवार र नातागोताको भाग्य र भविष्य बनाउनलाई ! चेतना भया !

    गणतंत्र नेपाल जिन्दाबाद !!! जय मातृभूमि नेपाल !!!

  2. xubean/minneapolis said,

    May 28, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    ARE YOU GUYS EFFIN KIDDING ME??????????? thank you deepak, suz, karuna and others alike (I didn’t read all the comments)… i don’t get how ppl can be so naive, or more ignorant???????????????? a woman barber who hasn’t even passed SLC????? i know, life experiences teaches you a lot, but education is the foundation to knowledge. I’m not saying every educated person is righteous, but this is outright silly! we’re talking about representing key issues in the country here, it’s not a silly community event like whether to plant trees or not (which is also a good debate, but I’m looking at things in a more important way). These people have the responsibility and power to change the laws of the country, and you guys think this woman or any other man/woman without even an SLC degree has that wisdom?? c’mon… how naive and ignorant can nepalese people really be. Do you even see that our country right now is 300 years behind the most developed countries in the world, and instead of moving forward we’re actually moving backwards??? god, i could go on and on about what’s happening in our country, but I doubt anyone over here would understand me. I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I think everyone should be able to figure out that a barber is not the right choice for politics! Peace is appreciated and welcome, but not in this way!
    Thank you Purna B. chalise, you put it in the best way there!! All our cabinet is going to be is a museum!

  3. Sanjaya Karki Spain Barcelona said,

    May 28, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    we Nepali have some different identity than any other in the world ..for instance, we have Sari and cholo as a national dress and Daura Suruwal . But when i saw the photo of those people taking CA oath …they are not in those out fit .Wearing those national dresses in such government function, do not mean that they are from their individual culture of Nepal ? Why they want to be such distinct not showing Nepali nationality ? Why people are not thinking that we have to preserve our nationality ? What i have observe that people always want to preserve any types of such identity which represent their country….I may be wrong in front of those wise people who conducted such criteria . I think , Terai people are fighting for their autonomous region , and also from the Himalayan are raising some voice..now it will be followed by Hilly people. Then each casts will fight for their own state ….Brahmin , Chettri , Newar , and other indigenous caste will have their own state in their own culture and NEPALI will be root out in some years to come !

  4. Md Bashir habib K . s . A said,

    May 28, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Rabsheela ko hirir yasto lagch ki bastam ma prjatantr aayo sbbii nepali ko gantantr dewas ko shob kamna

  5. BBSharma, Texas said,

    May 29, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Kudos to CA member Ramsheela ji! If she is brave enough to make a decision to be a barber in order to support her family, she’s great enough to represent her population group. Politics is not an educational institution, it is about representation of a population group or issue and making a voice for it. Ramsheela ji is at the perfect venue to hear the local issues from her clients. At least, she won’t be waving and pretending to represent Nepalese from the air-conditioned Mercedes, like Gyane or Girija. Congratulations Ramsheela ji.

  6. Amar/UK said,

    May 29, 2008 at 12:57 am

    It is one of the greatest things to see the country changing to the direction that the people of Nepal have been fighting for. However, there are still many political leaders in CA who were against this change (Republic) in the past are now saying their dream come true. Are they not opportunists?

    In my opinion, Nepal is begining to change and all the credit for this change goes to the Maoist who have fought a lot more for this change than any other political parties in Nepal. I think it is due to the vision of the Maoist and lot of their sacrifice that the country has come to change this far.

  7. Sweden said,

    May 29, 2008 at 3:36 am

    People had great hope before democracy .Nepalese fought a lot and lots of people died for the democracy too. Finally , leaders sat in the power ,made lots of money ;they earned that would be enough for their 4th generation not only their grand children .This transition for them seems stopped .
    Now , these all Mao people or leaders , are already dreaming for that big sophisticated bungalow , pajeroo ,and so on .It also may takes about 15 years for them, for their family members and their backers to be fulfilled by such luxuries.So it is unbelievable we will have peace and furthered run for development . ‘EARNING LOT AND LOT OF MONEY’ ..is a disease , that is deeply entrenched in Nepali politicians .
    Just to win the people’s heart, they are covering the people from all background . These wise leaders who are making rules by themselves , did not put any criteria to come up in such sensitive places.It is for sure education plays great role to fight in any issues . How these people raise their voice ? Who will listen their voices ? Now, how we can predict there will be peace in Nepal and development ? i think there must be some who can not speak Nepali Language too….as they took oath in their own language .
    God..what is going on in Nepal . please save our small beautiful country , its identity , its culture .

  8. Anand (IZ-Baghdad) said,

    May 29, 2008 at 4:28 am

    Desh ka yuva-shakti bideshine chhainan saed…, ehi biswas garchhu.
    Nepali Poilitical Leaders stop playing the same bullshit and dirty game anymore!!!

  9. The Rebel/Int'l Zone-Baghdad. said,

    May 29, 2008 at 4:56 am

    You leaders try to build the country up, we all are with you. If not, consequence will be the same as was happened to the Extortioner (Gyanendra), so be careful!

  10. Alameda ca said,

    May 29, 2008 at 5:46 am

    Dear beloved country men I would like to wish all the best and prosporus happy life in new republican Nepal from all Nepali community living in Alameda ca.


    May 29, 2008 at 6:29 am


    keep it , kindly change economic and motive of Nepalis and Nepal,

    Jaya Ram Rana Bhat

  12. Regi,uk said,

    May 29, 2008 at 6:54 am

    Now green signal for development….let’s see whats the next step????????

  13. dinesh kumar yadav(doha)qatar said,

    May 29, 2008 at 8:02 am

    i would like to give my congratulation for all the nepali who use their valuable vote to direct the country for correct direction. Hope “republic of nepal”will not only for constitution but it will be a truth in my matribhumi and waiting for new sunrise for better future of republic nepal.

  14. Anjan Pakhrin Saarbrücken,Germany said,

    May 29, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    Thanks god.At last Nepal is republic.Long live Nepal.

  15. Kamal, KTM said,

    May 29, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    After learning reading and writing and studying some theories of foreign people, some stupid people think they are the best. In reality they have no idea even to run their family life. Those people having small occupations to be self dependent might have greater ideas which could make Nepal a self dependent country. But those stupid so called educated villenes will never let those fruitful ideas to come out.

  16. Durga B. Pariyar, Ajman U.A.E. said,

    May 29, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    I am so much heartened to read the comments of Xubean and same like people who are pouring on those CA members who are there to stand for the country, no matter what’s the plight of their lif e is. You guys had a better off families who perhaps were coorupt beaurocrats or somekind of lucrative govt. job holders who could afford to send you studying abroad and now you are sitting in a developed part of world and commenting so harsh. You have known a little about Nepal. How hard a lower class of Nepalese have to toil and sweat to make a two ends meet as of now. These are the people who sacrificed their life for the change. You have no right to allege a Barber like Ramsheela who is despite her miserable life, fights for the change and speaks the language of 93% of Nepalease. If she does not get a chance to stand at BICC then who else?????? You betta be humane!!! …. Jai Nepal!!!!!

  17. jiban/kathmandu said,

    May 29, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    she is the figure of real nepal . I think nepal will go towards the peak.It is the sign of the good things

  18. Sachindra Rimal, Tornio said,

    May 29, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    It is really good to get maximum numbers of poor people in constitution assembly.I think, they are true representatives from the 12th poorest nation of the world, and the most important thing is they know what poverty is. Let’s hope these people will eradicate poverty.

  19. Sachindra Rimal, Tornio said,

    May 29, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    Thank you,,Durga Bahadur ji ,, you are right. I would say,Ramsila is better educated than Xubean in a sense that at least she knows well about her society and problems for ladies in her society which does not allow them to get exposed.

  20. Nepalese said,

    May 29, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    This is ridiculous, a person who is still waiting for her SLC result will help in writing constituency??? This is the most bizarre! and absurd thing I have ever seen.
    Kahin nabhayeko jatra handi gaun ma … applies perfectly in NEPAL!

  21. Bijayakumar shrestha said,

    May 29, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Jaya ganatantra Nepal
    we are proud of us.now we found totally freedom in our country, as hole people celebretate with eachother. we are so excited in those day. long time we are waiting saw in this days ,welcome welcome and welcome ganatantra nepal.hopefully we get a new thing new season everything is new. i think so our country ran way the new way .
    i miss the this day.
    jaya ganatantra jaya ganatantra.

  22. Shashidhar Belbase, Laramie Wyoming USA said,

    May 30, 2008 at 3:04 am

    Congratulations to all Nepali people on the occasion of historic move towards Democratic People’s Republic of Nepal. Any political system or institution can survive with the faith of people. This historic moment has been a great lesson to all who have thirst of power. Now we all have great responsibility to maintain peace in the country and develop the nation in to an economic power in Asia within ten years.

  23. Krishna/ Hetauda said,

    May 30, 2008 at 4:04 am

    Hey i just want to say they are the poppets of all the leaders who used to lead and country before and who makes our life misreble. They will be used as rubber stamp for their own benifits coz they don’t know anything. Some of the members don’t know how to write there name and and read. Guess what they are there to represent us and make a new nepal? hahaha…………

    Only god knows what will be the fate of our counry? i really think that our counry is rule by monkey and looking over these pics i come to know that even we are in 21st cen. and we want to make change and made new nepal, there are lots of things need to change. If they want to select the people from different tribes and casts why they can not select the people who are well educated and who can raise the voice if there is wrong doing.

    As u know they are selected by the parties not by the people, what u people will expect. The leaders of the parties knows that if they select the good and educated people, their political career will be in daliema!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So stop thinking about the country try your best to make your life good and support your family.

  24. Saroj Shova,Seoul,korea said,

    May 30, 2008 at 7:17 am

    Beagning of a “Great Days” for the all Nepalese and Nepalese origin pepole of the planet.Lets keep this spirit alive forever.

  25. Nepalgunj said,

    May 30, 2008 at 9:18 am

    nice glimpses…
    hope…. aba chahi deshma kehi hola jasto chha (+ve signals)..

    Thanks alot for providing these glimpses…

  26. RUM GURUNG/ Nepalgunj said,

    May 30, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Hey guys…

    1st of all thanx alot for the Bikash jee, for nice presentation of the pics…. which is hearty appriciated.

    I would like to go through some comments of NRN nepalese… what are you talking about Ms. Ramsheela????? where are you guys from????? are you really Nepalese????? If not… where are you from? where is your origin???? but if yes…. why you guys talking this -ve things about her…. This is right that she is more ignorant than you guys and other CA members…… BUT it’s true that she is the real Nepalese… she represents the most of Nepalese society, standards and etc…

    Actually, where do you guys born??? …………In Nepal or somewhere in the world???? Are you Nepalese??? or ????? if yes…… why do you underestimate her (Ms. Ramsheela) … She represents the all Nepali people’s reality (real framework)….. All Nepalese means…. more than 70% people who are under the poverty line… but she doesn’t represent you guys???? COZ’ you guys are educated, rich, and handsome, more advance… etc….

    BUT one thing…. can you tell us??? how did u became NRN-rich people???? Who are the most educated and richest people in Nepal???? the ANSWER is: Rana Family, Royal Family, Koirala Family, Most of educated political leaders, some businessmen who don’t perform their responsibilities to pay tax to country, some DUI NUMBARI peoples, high level govt. officials, PM, ministers, their PAs, the most corrupted govt. officials. … these are some examples of rich people in Nepal. BUT these people can not represent all Nepalese.

    Do you know? how mush hard/difficulties are facing rural ignorant Nepalese??? there is NO road, NO electricity, NO drinking water, NO hospitals, NO good schools, NO communications at all, NO food. etc…. I think you all are known that more than 70% people are still under poverty line in Nepal…. more than 40% people can only read & write….

    Have you ever been in our Karnali region??? Have you ever been in our rural areas to know the pain of rural people??????? …………….okay.. .. just leave it…….

    In fact, I agree that Ms. Ramsheela is ignorant. THIS IS 100% true, but she knows her problem, her society’s problem, she will have to address her society’s problem, and she can raise their issues from local level…. Mr. President, Mr. PM, Mr. ex-king, Mr. Rana’s. Mr. Shah’s and other PHD holders can’t raise her (Ramsheela) issue; these guys don’t address the grass-root level problem. In the past, we have already been experienced about performance of our educated and rich leaders. What they gave us??????????/ … Only sorrows, tears for rural poor people…… We have already been experienced…. lots PHD holders, , lots of Post gradates, lots of graduated leaders from foreign like you guys.. …. what they did for us (Nepalese)? …………… They did lots of jobs….. ONLY for themselves… they made Bungalows in the capital, they sent their children US-UK for higher studies, they own went US, Europe to reduce their own poverty, they provided jobs for their own son, daughter, father, mother, sister, brother, mama, bhanja, bhanji, bhatija, bhaitji, kaka, kaki, ani sabai jana aafantalai………….


    BUT the time has been changed…………………

    It’s a 21st century…. this era is neither King’s nor our despoiled leaders….. ..

    It’s ours!!!!!!!…… we have to make our country… we have to prove that we can do something………….


  27. Silent Storm/ USA said,

    May 31, 2008 at 2:38 am

    i thought i’d hop into the debate with some opinions of my own but looking at the quality of english in the preceding posts, I now fear that I might be misunderstood. People like these make me sad..but I won’t get into that..at least not now.
    Yes, I am a non resident nepali..a student in fact. and just for the record- No, I wasn’t born in the elite class (as all the NRNs are supposed to be..at least according to the post above me). i come from the poorest of backgrounds.

    I find myself quite agreeing with the museum analogy here. I think that seals it all. Saying that you need someone from the minority to represent the minority is like saying you need a monkey in the parliament (as opposed to a animal right activist) to bring to light the issues of animal rights. Now it’s true that a monkey understands the pain that it’s fellow beings have gone through more than a QUALIFIED / CERTIFIED /EDUCATED/RATIONAL activist ever can…and quite obviously..if a monkey runs against the activist..all other monkeys will vote for him ..and let him win…but should it be the one up in the parliament representing it’s fellow beings? can it convey effectively what the demand of the hour is? does it have the political proficiency to stand among humans and maneuver its opponents to clinch the dominant strategy..can it do what’s always best for it’s people? i leave the question open for discussion.

    as far as my personal opnion goes..if the answer to any of the questions is yes..then YES IT SHOULD! sadly, that’s not the case.

    *words like monkey..animals…museum etc have been used as analogies here with no direct reference to any tribe/ group/ person/ individual in particular. No offense intended to anyone..but again as someone rightly said..’you can always choose to be offended” and should someone choose to do so… I apologize in advance. Peace.

  28. Sudin said,

    June 1, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    hey Bhagawan
    maile kura nabujheko ho ki ,,,
    maile kurai bujhana nakhojeko ho..
    ma confuse ma chhu
    Sambidhan bhaneko ke ho…..
    kas kas le banaune………

    jasle banaye pani hunchha?

    please , clear it somebody.

  29. UK said,

    June 1, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    good to have a look at the pics. but pictures is not as inclsive as the government…. expected more pics…
    it definitely is good that the govt. seems inclusive but wish the ones representing minorites were a bit literate/educated as well… education is not only speaking good english (if u hold a responsible position and still cannot speak english, u can always use the interpretor- at least one person will get a good job) but at least can have a good sense of what development is and what a country needs at this moment… some people like sunil babu pant representing minority group is much educated and sensible than the so called politicians who merely play the games with nepalese…
    i hope the ones selected by mass in nepal would prove themselves better in the future though we hardly can expect anything out of them (as i beleive most of the people voted out in pressure or ignorance than with a visionary and sensible mind)

  30. S.R., Finland said,

    June 1, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    आदर्णीय साथीहरुको बिचार पढेर मलाई सार्है अचम्म लाग्यो।
    सबै भन्दा पहिले यो संबिधान सभा भनेको के हो? भन्ने कुरामा केन्द्रित हुन्छु। अहिलेको प्रचलित कानुन वा सम्बिधानले उपेक्षा गरेको बर्ग, जाती,मधेसी, दलितहरु आदीलाई पनि राष्ट्रिय मुलधारमा ल्याउनसकियो भने मात्र देश भरिको निस्कृयरुपमा बसेको शक्तिलाई दक्ष जनशक्तिमा रुपान्तरण गर्न सकिन्छ। यसरी पछी परेका समुह र १,५०,००,००० भन्दा बडी निस्कृय भएर बसेका महिलाहरुलाई दक्ष जनशक्ती बनाउनको लागि तिनिहरुलाई आरक्षण वा बिशेष अधिकारको आवश्यकता पर्दछ। अब तपाईंको मनमा प्रश्न उब्जियो होला कि किन आरक्षण चाहियो खुल्ला प्रतिस्पर्धा गर्‍यो भने बल्ल जान्नी मान्छे हरुले काम गर्नी मौका पाउछन नत्र त कमजोर मान्छेहरुलाई काम दिदा जो जान्ने मान्छे प्रती अन्याय हुन्छ, हो यो तपाईंले सोचेको कुरा सही हो। यस्तो बिचारलाई अल्पकालिन बिचार भनिन्छ जुन अहिले को अवस्थामा सही हुन्छ तर यस्ले दीर्घकालमा समस्या ल्याउछ जस्तै एकै देशमा बडी असमान जिबनस्तर कायम भयो भने द्वन्द हुन्छ र तेस्ले राज्यलाई बिखन्डनको बाटोमा लिएर जान्छ वा गृहयुद्धको आधिबेहरी आउछ। त्यसकारण अहिलेनै पछाडि परेका हरुलाई अगाडि ल्याउने काम राम्रो हो। अहिलेको प्रतिस्पर्धात्मक समयमा पछाडि परेको समुह झन भन्दा झन पछाडि पर्नी र अगाडि बसेको समुहले मात्र सफलता पाइरहने भएकोले सबैलाई समान अवसर दिनु जरुरी हुन्छ। अत यावत कुराहरुलाई ध्यानमा राखेर नयाँ नियम ,कानुन बनाउने मान्छे हरुको समुहको भेलालाई संबिधान सभा भनिन्छ। यहाँ आएका सबै मान्छे हरुले एक्-एक पानाको नियम कानुन लेख्ने होइन यो त सम्पूर्ण क्षेत्रबाट आएको समुहहरुले आफुले प्रतिनिधित्व गरेको समुहको लागि बिशेषआधिकारको माग राख्ने र त्यस्तो माग सही छ भनेर सबै को अगाडि पुस्टी गर्नुपर्दछ र आफुहरु किन पछाडि परेको हो, कस्ता समस्याहरु छन ति कुराहरु को समाधान को खोजी गर्नको लागि छलफलमा कुरा उठाउने हो। त्यहाँ सबै मान्छे हरु बिचार लाई सैद्दन्तिक रुपमा कागज पत्र बनाउन सक्ने हुँदैनन र सबै ६०१ जनाले जान्नु पर्छ भन्ने हुँदैन ,कम्तीमा पनि जान्नु पर्नी भनेको आफ्नो समुहको लागि आवश्यक अधिकारको सवालमा बोल्न जान्ने र सामान्य लेखपडी गर्न जान्नु हो। शायद तपाईं बिज्ञान वा बाणिज्यको विद्यार्थी हुनुहुन्छ होला। तेसैले, input–>process–>output को अवधारणा राम्रो सँग बुझ्नुहुन्छ होला। यहाँ ६०१ जनाले लिखित्,मौखिक वा कुनै तरिका बाट आफ्नो बिचार राख्छन वा input दिन्छन,बहस वा {processing} हुन्छ र हरेक बिषय को बिज्ञ ले तेस्को बारेमा अन्तिम वा output दिन्छन जो नयाँ संबिधान हुनेछ। यो सबै प्रकृया लाई संबिधान सभा भनिन्छ। तपाईं ले भन्नु भएको जस्तो यहाँ छनौट भएका मान्छेहरु कुनै खास बिषयमा तपाईं जस्तो degree holder नभएपनी, s.l.c. पास नभएपनी आफुहरुलाई आवश्यक परेका कुरा राख्न सक्षम छन नेपाली भाषा बुझ्छन र बोल्छन। फेरी सबै तेस्ता पनि छैनन! त्यहा तपाईं भन्दा धेरै पढे -लेखेका पनि छन। हो , हामी नेपाली हरुको दुर्भाग्य हो हामी अरु भन्दा पछाडि छौ तर हाम्रो समाजको वास्तविकता नै तेही हो जसलाई तपाईं हरु ,जनावर को प्रतिनिधि छन्नु पर्दा बाँदरलाई लाने? भन्नि अती नै तल्लो बर्गको सोच तथा मान्छे मान्छे को बस्तुगत पृष्‍ठभूमीमा असान्धर्विक उधाहरण दिएर खिल्ली उडौनु हुन्छ। तपाईं हरु के बुझ्नुस् भने जसरी रामशीला जस्ता को बारेमा तपाईंलाई खेद छ तेस्तै त्यहा महान-महान बिद्द्वान हरु पनि छन जस्ले राम शीला जस्तो हरुको मौखिक आवाजलाई सैद्दन्तिक रुप्मा लैजाने छन तिनीहरु एउटा टिम हुन,यो टिम वर्क हो। हामी ले समाबेशी सम्बिधान बनाउने छौ। तेस्ले सबै लाई बराबर हक अधिकार दिने छ।
    अन्तिममा म के भन्छु भने तपाईं अमेरिका बसेर ,पढेर अनी धेरै पैसा कमाएर तपाईंको परिवार, आफन्त वा तपाईंको क्षेत्रको मान्छे ले तपाईंप्रती कती गर्व गर्दछन त्यो आँफै मुल्याङ्कन गर्नुस् र त्यो राम्शीला जो आफ्नो समुदाय को मान्छे हरुको लागि idol हो, जस्लाई तपाईं धेरै तल देख्नुहुन्छ, जहाँ ५०औ हजार मान्छे ले आफ्नो प्रतिनिधि ठनेका छन र आफ्नो मुक्तिको सपना देखेका छन। आफु लाई हेर्नुस् अनी प्रतिकृया दिनुस्।

  31. chandra.oz said,

    June 2, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    What ever is the backlash about Ramsheela Ji it is all not her fault, she becomes a barber and a minimum educated girl to CA Member is not a common thing. Probably that’s what stuns everybody and becomes a curious subject. If she didn’t emerge in the public field and taking oath to be reposible for roughly 26 million people of the nation, this position is not that position only do for your self and do for your family, this position relates the whole people of the nation. We are worried and curious about the nation and our generation of the future otherwise who cares about her personal things like how she lives, what does she do, what she looks like and where is her back ground from? If a bunch of people like her are running the country it sounds like seeing the country in bleak conditions. On the other hand she also didn’t have a choice not be in this position may be she has an empresive capacity on poeple and won public heart and they selected her or maybe her party forced and threatened people to select her for this position. Antway, Bravo on her taking the massive resposibilities of the country.

  32. Nirajan said,

    June 4, 2008 at 9:54 am

    Nice to hear some changes about nepal & priroty for womens.All the best !

  33. Aaryan, Barcelona said,

    June 5, 2008 at 12:24 am

    Well no comments to Honorable CA Member Ramsheelaji, but there is the question to her party. Will she be able to undergo her responsibility?? Will she be independent in her political decession and social need?? Scissoring long hair and scissoring political dirt is quite a different field. I dont think as only women CA Members could think for the betterment of the women in Nepal. I still wonder or would be highly obliged if I could hear or read that Ramsheelaji really knows the meaning of Republic or Democracy, in her own words.

  34. sudir/london said,

    June 5, 2008 at 3:57 am

    Well done ..really a good job by nepalese politicians…in choosing CA members…i am just wondering what is in their mind? to develop Nepal and bring peace and harmony among nepalese people or greed for the power by choosing uneducated and illetrate people just because they can be used as puppets.
    If the political parties are really into creating a new Nepal they have to first stop fighting among themselves and choose such candidates who have motivation, knowledge and strong enough to face any burdens or troubles that comes in between the path of development and prosperous of the nation and citizens.
    We are now federal democratic republic, the history has turned, the new era has arrived..lets scrap all our old corrupted traditions and move towards the new aim building a new culture and new nation…
    Lets be proud of NEW NEPAL

  35. Kusum said,

    June 6, 2008 at 9:09 am

    Whether Nepal is moving for better tomorrow or not, but I do not see that selection of officials have been fairly done. It looks like we are running election in Bihar or Uttar Pradesh not in himalayan region of Nepal. Where are the representative from Humla, Jumla, Manang, Mustang, Dolpo, and Solukhumbu? These are the places which have been successfully feeding rest of the Nepali people from tourism and buddhist religion; therefore, I am not pro or against new government. I wish new government to lead younger generation to kinder and more compassionate country than bloody one. “Hamilayi Jiwan Chahincha, Jyan (death body) hoina.”

  36. Surendra Rai said,

    June 6, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    Lau ….garib ko pani din phirna laagechha…ramro bho ..babu nai ho. Haamro Nepal ma.

  37. jULESH/Biratnagar said,

    June 9, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Hey u guys have u seen the constitution Implemented before. I know very well that constitution could not represent the whole subject matter but the leaders politician & ministers were also not right ,they were corrupted & the common people were not addressed .They never thought of these days. Now some of the people who were suffered are ca members. Now they can present their Problem boldly.It might change nepal & HEY GUYS IF SHE WAS GOODLOOKING THEN SOME COMMENTETOR COMMENT MIGHT HAVE CHANGED…………. N EDUCATED FRIEND WHO KNOWS VERY WELL ABOUT THIS PROBLEM Y R U ABROAD? THE COUNTRY NEEDS EFFICIENT,DEDICATED, CORRUPTION FREE MANPOWER………..

  38. raj kumar said,

    June 13, 2008 at 2:47 pm


    dear all you are wright

  39. karuna melbourne said,

    June 15, 2008 at 4:57 am

    whatever …………………the pics was gud or bad does not matter lets not make the development process so flashy ………….and oh ma god all the neplease living abroad including ma self have so patriotic feelings ………..haha all WE escapists can do is talk and write and comment and complain and greive and cry ………none of us are capable of giving a bit …………………….so lets still cry, complain.wail and snore ………and what not

  40. Kamal Pradhan, Burlington, Vermont(USA) said,

    June 15, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    HI ALL!!!!!, It is not a time to criticise others; it is the crucial time to uplift the country from trifling matters. The great intellectuals are also engaged in the concern of Ram Sheela.If you advocate for the gender equality and equal opportunities, it is not reasonable to discourage her.You are all disheartening her making her an issue. She has already been ascended to the CA ; hence we all have to help her inculcating a political knowledge instead of mentally paralysing her.

  41. karuna melbourne said,

    June 15, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    selfish…………………and bunch of losers all those who commented here including ma self

  42. prakash,usa said,

    June 25, 2008 at 2:58 am

    hi viewers,
    jai Nepal……….
    not even 8 class passed guys elected in ca,what’s going on baby,there r not educated people,shame on Nepali people who voted n elected *** people.

  43. Bimal Adhikari/London UK said,

    June 26, 2008 at 9:19 am

    It is very sad. Gathering people in the name of different aspect in the CA is shameless. What are they going to cook? The established true spirit of CA is mocked due to the unnecessary gathering and most of them are funny even might not have known why they are there. Will they do detail analysis of the each and every point of constitution. 30 out of total is useless they cant contribute at all if we analysis their academic and professinal background which is required to draft the constitution. This is an example of political betray to the nation. God Save the Nation.

  44. virginia said,

    June 29, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    Very impressive pictures. Good job on focussing ramsheela as well. Some here have commented about her lack of education, her background, and a few more.
    What i know is a lot of educated people can’t manage their own life. Education doesn’t guarantee wisdom, doesn’t make a person better.
    There are lots of uneducated people with wisdom of great humans. We all must know a few. Personally, my grandmom.
    Educated fools are extremely dangerous as well.
    There were no SLC or any other testing tools a century ago. However, there have been learned men, wise kings, thinkers, mathematicians and good humans who lived their lives responsibly and helped others do the same.
    I hope and somewhere in my heart believe Ramsheela and many others who aren’t even in limelight have the capacity to make this country better, fullfill their duties.

  45. Gyanu Nepal, The Hauge said,

    June 30, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    The libertarian socialist (anarcho-syndicalist) movement long fought against women’s oppression. And many prominent figures in the women’s movement were anarcho-syndicalists. This article gives some examples, but many more could be found.

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