Kashmir Calling!

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By Surendra Phuyal

As dusk falls upon the Dal Lake in the heart of the militancy-wracked summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, two young men sit shoulder-to-shoulder on the sidewall of the lakeshore. The two look different and speak a different language – Nepali. Bijaya Rai, 20, of Katari, Udaipur, and Laxman Dhakal, 22, of Puttar, Tanahun, never met each other in Nepal. But after the conflict back home forced them to leave their villages, they both ended up here by the Dal Lake. These two are among hundreds of Nepali youths or teenagers who have reached this western Himalayan valley, whose elevation ranges between 1,700-to-2,500 metres for a better income and better living conditions.

But why insurgency-affected Srinagar, of all the places in India (Just last June 12, eight out of the nine construction workers killed by the militants at a place called Anantnag in the valley were Nepalis from southern Morang)?

“These days Nepalis have reached all corners of the world, this is just Kashmir,” says Rai, the kitchen helper, with a wry smile, on a recent evening.

Next moment a young man passes by on a bicycle and Rai breaks our conversation to loudly say: “Ke chha Soaltee [How are you buddy]?” He isn’t sure whether the man in a hurry responded. But he adds, “He is also a Nepali.”

“I came here with my close friends, when they were home in Nepal on leave about six months ago,” adds Dhakal, the rather dark boy in a security guard’s blue uniform. “Our school was disrupted a lot due to strikes and closures, so I decided to come to India,” the high-school dropout added.

There’s no headcount to suggest the actual number of Nepalis here, but a quick survey around the lake reveals that the small hotels and restaurants around Dal Lake are full of Nepali teens and youths, who work as helpers, waiters or security guards.

Take this. On the same street, Boulevard Road, Ram Bi.Ka., 35, of Bhimad, Tanahun, and Hari Bi.Ka., 22, of Jaubari, Gorkha, serve as security guards; Jiwan Thapa, 17, of Deurali, Kaski, and Krishna Bi.Ka., 16, and Hari Bika, 17, of Rumtar, Tanahun, work in a Punjabi Dhawa. Syanu Gurung, 22, of Mirmi, Syangja, came here three months ago to continue his restaurant-help job; and Pradi Gurung, 15, and Raju Gurung, 16, both of Kyagmi, Syangja, have been working as waiters in a Punjabi Dhawa. And so on and so forth “ Nepali faces are as common as Kashmiri faces in this lake city with striking similarities with Pokhara. The influx of young Nepali workers to Srinagar continues despite the fact that tourist arrivals in Srinagar have hit their lowest ebb in recent times thanks to reports of explosions and gunfights owing to an 18-year-old separatist insurgency that has claimed the lives of 30,725 people since 1988.

In September alone, 22 people, most of them “militants” or policemen, have lost their lives; and the most recent explosion near Dal Lake in July killed several tourists from West Bengal. Summer is the best season to visit Srinagar, which remains covered by snow during winter. In September, the town looks tourist-less as the boathouse- and ‘shikara’-owners wait endlessly for tourists. And there aren’t enough jobs for young Nepalis like Rai and Dhakal either. Yet Kashmiris, whose cultural and trade interactions with Nepalis are considered as old as the Himalaya, seem to have accommodated them just fine.

Their monthly incomes here range from Indian Rs 1,000 to 2,500. “We don’t make a lot of money here, but it’s just about enough for our survival,” says Dadhiram Poudel, 31, of Chitwan, who guards a lodge here. And “most of them feel at home in Kashmir because of its cool weather like mountainous Nepal’s,” Bablu, a Kashmiri garments sellernear Dal Gate, says in Nepali.

Perhaps another testimony to continuing Kashmiri-Nepali interactions, Bablu’s family members have businesses in Pokhara and Kathmandu as well. And depending on snowfall and weather conditions, they all network and live between Nepal and the Kashmir valley.

All pics by Surendra Phuyal


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