Walking through the blanket of snow

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by Devendra Bhattarai

Our destination was much further than Kade Deurali, the place near Pokhara from where the rain and snowfall had begun. From Ulleri we had to travel to Poon Hill, then to Ghandruk through Tadapani. On the occasion of the tenth Nepal-Korea joint painting exhibition, we had a wonderful trek in the Annapurna region.

Clearing the walking trail

We had to reach Poon Hill with an altitude of 3,210 meters. After deciding that we would proceed only if there was no more snowfall that night, we went to sleep. It took 2 hours for us to reach Poon Hill which is actually 1 hour ascend from Ghodepani.

A restaurant’s courtyard


Mount Annapurna range

Mt. Fishtail

The sunrise had already matured when we reached there. Some were lying around in the snow, others were splattering it about. The peaks of Macchapuchhre, Dhawalagiri and Annapurna were playing ‘hide-and-seek’ among the thick clusters of fog.  


A Korean photographer in Deurali


At dawn the next day, we left for Tadapani. We saw buffalos shivering in the cold while moving ahead in the snowy layers. The snowy scene was like Caravan movie.

Way to Ghodepani

Way to Ghodepani

Way to Ghodepani

Way to Ghodepani


Way to Ghodepani


A view from Poonhill

A Korean tourist group at Poonhill 

On the way to Poonhill

We also had to walk sideways in fearing that the snow collected atop trees would plunge down and bury us. When we reached Deurali, severe snowfall left no option but to rest somewhere. We were compelled to stay that night at Bishwakarma Didi’s Hungry-Eye lodge in Banthanti. We rested there in the midst of the snowfall and our friend’s knee-ache. It grew so cold in the night that we were forced to sleep with our entire clothes on.

Drinking water project house in Ghodepani

Ghodepani….      An artist shows Machhapuchhre he painted.





Tourists on the way to Tadapani

Taking some rest at Deurali

Mount Annapurna

Snowfall at Lumle after 30 years

A Korean artist sketches portrait of a child at Nayapul

The three hours journey from Tadhapani to Ghandruk through Bhainsi Kharka-Sitkyu took us nearly five hours due to snowfall. Though it was called the ‘village of model Gurung homes’, the increasing concrete jungle was very obvious to the eye. Only in the morning rays of the sun, as we were leaving Ghandruk, we did feel that we had left behind the long association with winter.


  1. rabin singh/bangalore said,

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    what a terrific job has done by u., deven dai i will be expect like thease thing from u.
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    your kaancha bhai rabin.
    from bangalore.

  2. Kamal Raj Subedi / Kathmandu said,

    April 5, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    Lovely mountains, keep it up man, you are really inspiring-doing.

  3. Sachin Malla; Pristina; Kosovo said,

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    Thank you for posting amazing pictures. Our country is really beautiful country.

  4. Dharan said,

    April 6, 2007 at 9:33 am

    The pics are great.

    It reminds me of Parkcity, Utah and last winter when I was there.

    Skiing is a wonderful sport to me since then.

    Phoon Hill looks exciting.

  5. NAGEN/S. KOREA said,

    April 6, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    Wonderful represents of Nepal’s nutural beauties. They will definitely help promote to our tourism sectors. A good job. Keep it up!!

  6. sugunhana/korea, suwon, ajou said,

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    beautiful sight, nature,
    I really want to visit nepal. great nature~


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  8. Durga B. Pariyar, Ajman , U.A.E. said,

    April 10, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    Wonders of nature! A gift from mother nature to the Nepalese people.These spectaular pictures are the emblem of expression of Nepalese to the world where they belong to.

    Many Thanks to Bhattarai Bandhu! Just could not stop myself shedding few drops of tears.’Coz I live in another part of this globe where heat and hot are daily course of life .

    Thanks once again.

    Keep posting such stuffs of Nepal!!!!!

  9. Sanu Tamang/Bellevue, NE said,

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    Wow! good view. I been there !

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    Tsese shots are actually amazing.

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    very nice pictures….thank you for these……makes me want to ………..see our country through its veins.

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  17. Himal Rana, UK said,

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    Wow! its just awesome, i have enjoyed it a lot. If we have got such beauty than why going to Switzerland??………………Miss NEPAL a lot
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    how beutifull our country .like heven of the world’s i am also treking guide but i am not doing now. i love nature but i live in uk now. so i miss a lot my country and i also have been poon hill and ghorepani more then 100 time so i like annapurna regien
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    Such a beeautiful fotograph captured the whole gist of the nepal and its coolness.i m refreshed great work really very appreciable to become refresh out of the home so long time.

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    All picture are nice n I remember my old days. I was at 1988 in this area. Really nice place. I miss Nepal so much.

  33. Ritu said,

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    “Its been very difficult for all the nepalase people to have a visit to the whole Nepal at once.But, Your pictures made us able so.Hats off to you”

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    Your pictures made us able to visit the whole Nepal at once.All the snaps shows the reality of Nepal and Nepalese.So,Hats off to you and all yours subordinates.

  35. raju subedi neupane/USA,UTAH said,

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    great job Devendra ji great job! it makes me want to go to nepal.please send more of your great pictures that you took when you were travling. thank you very much!

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    All photos are really attractive and fabulous.Thanks for your effort.

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    i will definitely do that. I miss Nepal so much. Thanks for posting them.

  41. narendra.from.australia said,

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    i thankful to phalano.com to keep alot of beautiful photos about my motherlad.
    it’s really so beautiful our nepal…so u must proud of our nepal.

  42. Ramesh Dhakal, Southcarolina,USA said,

    November 18, 2007 at 9:17 am

    Very nice phothograps,I remembered my earlier days when I visited these places at 2056 -11-14 to 2056-11-26.Actually, the way from the Ghandruk to deurali to tadapani to ghorepani is quite fantastic .Photograps from Punhill are good.


  43. Bagdad/Iraq said,

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    Hi bro Goodmorning
    I’am so glad seeing these pictures of our country .You are trying to recognize to our country in international level so i want to appreeciate for this good job thanks

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    Namaste, everybody

    thinks for this wabside.these picture are so nice and beautiful.our Country is relly neturally beautiful.when i see this picture it’s make me feel good.

  45. Surendra Rai said,

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    Looks like an ski resort in Austria….man….
    Do we have any ski resort in Nepal anybody??

  46. Ramu Adhikari (Pokhara) said,

    January 1, 2008 at 3:00 am

    I am Ramu from Dubai. Iam unable to description the elegance beauty of Nepal. Really we Nepali are very lucky and happy that we are Nepali and we have born in Npal as a Nepali.I love Nepal really when ever I am far from my home town particulary Pokhara.Pokhara attract me its whity snow himalaya .
    Rewally it can be say that Nepal is the eaden place of god.

  47. jotin holland said,

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    hi its the matter of glory to see the hilarrious beauty of nepal.my happiness knew no bounds by viewing these proudful images. wish more glorious pictures. thanks

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    very nice snaps tats really amazingg.. miss my country so much.. gr88 work all the good luck..

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    the pictures are really master piece.. the best of all.. heart touching.. i reallly appreciate ur hard work and ur skill .. and waana see more gr8 work of your..

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    Before my name purusotam now my name is Dipu Gautam.i ‘m leaving at sagarmatha zone solukhumboo district sotang 3 taplasi Gautam toll .i like himalaya and my district to much Himalaya .i show this himalaya picture and i m very happy . ma ya khu shee ma yo submit gardaichhu ok thank you very much o k bye bye.

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