Silver Jubilee

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By Dinesh Wagle 

As this reporter entered the cozy abode of the aging couple, Pema without any response, continued with her meal. But the next question was certain to bring back all her memories. “Ama, do you recognize her?” This reporter showed her a coffee table book published 25 years ago. After a constant gaze at the cover, she replied, “Of course! It’s me!”

Recently, on one of those early October afternoons, with sips of yak milk along with rice, Pema was busy having her meal on a ceramic plate with her husband. Behind her on the wooden furniture, steel utensils and the thermos containing briny tea are placed carefully.

Coverl girl Pema Bhutti with her husband 

In Pema’s hands, instead of the ceramic plate, now it is the book brought out on 1981 by a team of British writers, anthropologists and photographers after researching over a month and half on the fringes of Tibet and highlands of Nepal.

Having her eyes fixed on the cover page, Pema recalls the day her snap was taken. It was 25 years ago, in the month of April, altogether a team of 34 guides, porters and foreigners visited the Nar village situated on the northern side of Pisang peak in Manang. And their experiences of the Bhotia people grazing their herds of yaks and the photographs taken by the visitors were compiled and then published by Time-Life Books of America. With exceptional photographs taken by Nik Wheeler, the book entitled “Cloud Dwellers of the Himalayas: The Bhotia” was written by Windsor Charlton. Along with the descriptions of the spectacular panorama of the place, the book also depicts the way of life of the people back then. After China attacked Tibet on 1959 and due to other domestic circumstances, Nepal had restricted foreigners to visit Nar and Phu from the northern border. However, as mentioned in the book, the team was able to visit the place because of a special permission from the late King Birendra who was familiar with the investigations and researches conducted in Nepal by a member of the visiting group __ Professor Christoph Von Furer-Haimendorf.

Oblivious to the details about the book, Pema vaguely recalls a fair guy taking numerous shots of hers in his cameras.

After getting married at the age of 17, Pema traveled as far as India with her husband. “Back then, life was quite difficult but still we had fun. Today, things have got a lot easier,” disclosed her husband, 69 years old Sangma Chesanga Gurung, after he sensed that Pema was too shy to talk about those days.

When asked about the changes they’ve witnessed in the past two decades, Pema answered, “Previously, there was no electricity and trails were very narrow. But the scenarios have changed today. Moreover, the mules also carry provisions instead of riders only. From foods to facilities, everything has gotten better.”

Pema Bhutti

Nar village 

Situated at the height of 4,110 meters, Nar is indeed one of those villages inhabited by the high-alpine people at the soaring Himalaya.

With 71 houses, including two hotels for tourists, the dwellers of Nar uphold an exclusive culture and thereby sustain their identity. Living in a small community, they indeed know each other quite well. Thus, turning the pages of ” Cloud Dwellers” seemed like unveiling their own family album. On the eighth page of the book, we can witness the snapshot of a middle aged lady with her narrow eyes focused on the camera.

Tsering Yangjee, then and now

“Do you know her?” As this reporter asked 68 years old Tsering Yangjee, she immediately responded, “It’s me. Years back, when these visitors came to take my photos, I was mourning over the death of my daughter. Many other children of the area had also died because of smallpox.”

Looking their parents in the book.

Though illustrated in the “Cloud Dwellers” as a locale isolated from the other societies of Nepal, Nar and Phu have now become more reachable and connected to the other parts of the country. Most of the people have at least been to Pokhara or Kathmandu. Youngsters revealed their desire to work in reliable occupations such as government jobs instead of grazing yaks or farming in the fields which are subjected to fluctuations.

As for Nyima Chowang,  he was three years old when the book came out. Now he has a three years old son. Flipping through the pages, he said, “It was incredible to see our old traditions and people, who have already died, in the photographs in this remarkable book.”

Sheep boy in the book is now a man showing his picture.

Entry to Phu village

Khagla pass

A village below Phu

Trail to Phu village

Thrashing crops

Thrashing crops

Phu woman basking Koru in the sun

Phu woman harvesting

Phu village

Phu village

Telcom at Nar

Phu Khola (river)

Phu village kids

Yak ploughing at Nar

Nar women at field work

Yaks and Nar village

Phu kid drinking water from the tap

Let’s rock !

A trekker taking picture at Nar Phedi

Khangla pass

Happy silver jubilee, Pema!! 

All pictures by Kantipur journalist Dinesh Wagle, founder of United We Blog
Read his Nar Phu trekking diary on his website Wagle Street Journal


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    My friend Jagendra Chhantyal of Chhilly,Lammela /Baglung
    has asked me to visit his village many times.He always talks about highlands and himalayas of western Nepal where he passed more than 19 years of his life but he did never mention us about such villages as Nar and Phu!
    Rajeshnim,I am very pleased to have reached in your villages by the means of the pictures you have taken.So natural and so beautiful.I envy your country!Thanks!

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    Thank you Dinesh Ji,

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  23. mahesh , california said,

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    Dinesh jee..thanx a lot for your beautiful pictures..Really dinesh jee it reminds me the days of my nepal..those are really beautiful pictures but ..still there is something ……the pain of neplease…how long will it goessssssss…i love my nepal…


    March 28, 2007 at 7:25 pm

    Dinesh Dai, the pics are really nice and it reminds me a lot of things of Nepal and travelling of different places which are more beautiful than heaven I think. I really appreciate your snaps and grateful to your work.

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    At last my message to all the neplease overseas to creat some opportunities in your country and make it a living paradise and hope there would be prosperity,peace, love, friendshipand affection al over.May god fare our country well for ever.

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    Graet job! Dinesh ji, exposing such a beautiful places and livestyle. Imagine how hard their life would be? Our politicians should visit such places by themselves. I know this place is better than some other place of the country. I can not wait to see other photographs like this!!!!!!

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    I really iiked it . Thanks . Next time try to put from the Everest That is my village .
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    Nawa .

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