Clear skies in the Valley

By Rajesh KC

For a week Nepal had cloudless blue skies starting from November 15 (2007). Kathmandu illuminated under the mountain range from Dhaulagiri to Gaurishanker. Mets said the clear skies in Nepal are due to a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. When the skies are clear in the Valley, 80% of the Himalayan range can be seen from Lalitpur area. more »

Chhath Festival

The second day (Friday Nov 16, 2007) of the Chhath festival was observed with great fervour at various places in Nepal, with women worshipping the setting sun and offering arghas. Thousands of devotees gathered on the banks of the river and ponds to pay respects to the Sun God. more »

BhaiTika in Tihar

tihar.gif By Rajesh KC

Bhaitika, the last and the main day of Tihar with much enthusiasm on Sunday. On this day sisters pray to Yamraja, the god of death, for their brother’s longevity and prosperity. According to the Hindu myths, the Goddess of fortune Laxmi offered bhai-tika to more »