Rishi Panchami

rishi_panchami.gifBy Rajesh KC

Rishi Panchami is celebrated by women, particularly in the hill region and the plains of Terai. Rishi Panchami falls a day after Teej. Though the way Teej is celebrated may differ according to different geographical regions, the festival holds a deep and moral significance among Hindu women. The festival is important because it is the time when Hindu women express how much devoted they are to their husbands. more »

Legendary lyricist Ratna Shumsher Thapa in ‘Paleti’ (music audio)


By Rajesh KC

Ratna Shumsher Thapa, the legendary lyricist of Nepal, began writing as a poet in 1951. His creations such as Aankhako Bhaka Ankhaile, Swargaki Rani, Kunjama Gunjiyo, Bho Bho Nasodha, Madhumas Yo Dilko and Ye Kanchha Thattaima, Bichodko Pida, Sero Fero Mero have contributed making Narayan Gopal‘s singing and music everlasting. Apart from these, his other lyrics such as Yo Kholako Sanglo Pani, Ankhaima Rata Gali, Jati Hansu Bhanchu, Goreto Yo Gaunko, Ghumtima Naau Hai, Fulai Fulko Mausam, and Malmali Ghumto have also contributed in building careers of various (now popular) musicians and singers across the nation. more »