White-water down the Bhotekoshi

by Surendra Phuyal
Raging yet serene rivers gushing down the Himalayan slopes. Changing landscapes: every thing from deep yet mystic mountain gorges and canyons, to colorful and vibrant and lively ethnic settlements, terraced fields and vegetations, and head-on collisions/interactions with the topography and geology of the world’s highest (and deepest as in Kali Gandaki) region. more »

New Year’s Eve with Deep Shrestha

by Rajesh KC

Time: 1645
Date: April 12, 2007, Thursday
Audience: Approximately 300
Program: An evening with Deep Shrestha
Venue: Rimal Theater of Gurukul more »

Beautiful Terai


By Rajesh KC

We have always been portraying Nepal as a landlocked mountainous country discriminating a large area of flat region, Terai, its culture and the people living there who proudly love to be called Nepali. We have beautiful mountains, but the beauty of Terai is also fascinating. Every time I visit my village, Sehari in Nawalparasi, I feel so refreshed as its peace loving people and natural beauties have always fascinated me. Have you explored our Beautiful Terai? more »