Mamiya ZD SLR medium format digital camera

zd_zoom.jpgComing soon! With over 60 years of experience in design and engineering of the world’s best medium format cameras and lenses, Mamiya addresses the next generation photographer with the Mamiya ZD SLR medium format digital camera. The Mamiya ZD digital camera is the first integrated medium format digital SLR camera. With its built-in 22 mega pixel CCD imaging sensor it produces sharp, high quality rich tones in a surprisingly light weight, compact body that resembles 35mm D-SLR cameras. Utilizing Mamiya’s exclusive 14-bit A/D (Analog to Digital) converter, the 12-bit images are recorded at 1.5 fps, making it the fastest digital medium format camera. With its CF and SD storage options, built-in 1.8 inch LCD imaging preview screen and tethered FireWire® (IEEE1394) to Mamiya Digital Photo Studio software it provides the prefect solution for studio and/or on-location shoots. Simple but powerful, Mamiya?s Digital Photo Studio software offers a complete image capture, processing and editing solution in both MAC and PC based computers. Best of all, the Mamiya ZD digital camera is fully compatible with all Mamiya 645AF lenses. more »